Why Art?

Just Art by John

Have you ever paid attention to an empty house and a house that’s lived in? The difference is in the decoration. An empty house is not only devoid of furniture, but also of knickknacks, photos and art. All the things that give a home character and give it a soul. Art not only provides a home with color, it makes a room come alive and is a testament to the owners taste and style.

The same can be said of an office. Whether you work in an office or a cubicle, with nothing on the walls, the work area might seem dull and lifeless. With art on the other hand, the workspace comes alive and makes a statement of who works there. A stylish office is not only more pleasant for the employee to work in, but might even catch the attention of the boss and peers. With a work of art from Just Art by John, you can expect the question "Where did you get that?"

If you have home or office walls that can do with a little decorating, have a look at Just Art by John. Just Art by John is comprised of six different categories: 3D art, fine art, giclees, metal murals, music art and prints.

3D Art concentrates on musical instruments such as a guitar, a saxophone and the Nashville skyline. Each piece is colorful, precise and with an eye for detail.

Fine Art is music themed, but with a touch of nostalgia and romance.

Gicless are stunning pieces of art that capture the imagination and will have you gazing upon them in quiet admiration.

Metal Murals portray a street view of Nashville, in eye popping colors and mind boggling detail.

Music Art pictures musical instruments, perfect for the music lover.

Prints offers vies of Nashville fashion week, bold in color and stunning in detail.

What makes Just Art by John even more remarkable though, is the fact that each work of art was inspired by a poem. A poem that comes with the work of art upon purchase.

If you’re familiar with the saying “Say it with flowers”, you might want to rethink that as you can now say it with art. Flowers die after a certain period of time, but art lives forever.

If you find it difficult to come up with a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present, Just Art by John is perfect. Giving a piece of art is both appreciated by men and women, and is suitable for all types of interiors.

You don’t have to think of something catchy to say, or even buy a card. If you buy from Just Art by John, you’ll get the poem that inspired that particular piece. You can keep the poem in a folder, or have it framed and hang it close to the actual art piece.

Whether you’re looking for an original work to decorate your living room, hall, study or office, the works of Just Art by John will liven up any space. They give a unique view of singers and musical instruments, of cars, landscapes, animals and ocean views, and they burst with color.

Visit Just Art by John frequently for new pieces and subscribe to his blog for updates. If you’re an art lover, you won’t want to miss a thing.